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Photo Booth University offers the most complete learning path for individuals or companies wanting to manage the most popular special event photo booth systems. Our learning paths go beyond the basics to ensure you have all the tools needed to run a successful photo booth enterprise.

Manage a Team or Boost Your Own Skills!

Start your journey is this emerging industry! Get in early. Photo Booth University offers the tools you need to get started in the event photo booth business as a company managing a team or as an individual entrepreneur.

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For Companies

Photo Booth University has specific learning paths for companies wanting to manage photo booth teams. We also offer the tools your need to track staff, photo booth locations, tips and troubleshooting while on the road.

For Individuals

Individual event photo booth management can be a great side job and additional income for individuals. It also provides a break from the norm. Learn everything you need to be a photo booth solopreneur.

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Course Catalog

This is a preview our our Photo Booth University courses.  Learn everything there is to know about the operation of various cutting-edge photo booth systems. Additionally, to ensure your full success, we teach you everything from load-in, setup, troubleshooting, wrap-up and load-out. We have courses designed for teams and for individual photo booth operators. We add new courses often.

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Learn from photo booth industry experts and achieve repeatable results 


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Companies or Individuals


Cutting edge curriculum for your photo booth enterprise

Learn From Experts

Learn From Experts

PBU courses are created and led by seasoned photo booth industry professionals. You’ll always have the most accurate and up-to-date industry information, without having to sift through hours of online forums and random videos!

Detailed Staff Training

Detailed Staff Training

PBU’s full-service training curriculum covers hundreds of relevant topics for attendants of any experience level. From load-in to load-out, you’ll be confident that new hires are ready to knock their first event day out of the park.
Effortless Onboarding

Effortless Onboarding

Your PBU company dashboard will make onboarding and team management a breeze. Monitor the onboarding process, assign courses, and create custom learning paths for your staff; all with the click of a button!
On-The-Go Access

On-the-Go Access

Your staff will be able to quickly reference important tips and how-tos, right from their mobile device. PBU offers 24/7 on-site guidance: wherever, whenever. This is a life-saver during events in case you need to solve a problem.
Live Progress Tracking

Live Progress Tracking

Receive live analytics for your staff’s individual and group progress, so you’ll always know where your team stands. This way you know who’s ready for any jobs coming up allowing you to better manage the experience of your team.
Entire Skill Set

Entire Skill Set

Go way beyond the simple 2-minute setup video. We teach you all the skills you need to handle an entire 8-hour day, and beyond. Learn everything from pre-event readiness, to load-in and setup, to managing the event and wrapping up.


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